Independent approach to facilitate communication, information sharing & web collaboration; care and time in structuring your back-end performance in a manner that requires the user little or no knowledge of the unique characteristics of the functionality -- allowing a large number of users daily participation, access to data systems, and an open exchange of digital documents, information, images & media files.

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Enterprise Solutions

A reputation of excellence in shared and sole development of social community enterprise solutions. Independent consultants have built several community internet and intranet sites as Architect and Lead Php Developers adept at migrations and Api's. read more

Why I'm Using Drupal CMS

My best offering is the Drupal content management system, which strives to use the latest web standards and an object oriented paradigm. Integrating well with other well designed, well thought out open source packages such as Jquery and the Zend framework. read more...

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Open Source Brings your Innovation to the Web!

New York consultant providing Web Development Services using Open Source Solutions In the Enterprise. Bring your Innovation to the Web! My focus is to develop structured designs and functionality bringing visitors back to your site time and time again!

Since 1985 I have been providing computing solutions for the financial industry -- in the management, migration and manipulation of databases.


"The New York City Drupal community is large, healthy, inquisitive and growing... Drupal is really a very robust, flexible, modular content management system. Some would argue this point and say it's much more than that. I couldn't agree more." - Wes '2008


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